Content is King

Content marketing is king

Regardless of the diverse tactics employed by digital marketing professionals, content is still King.  Beginners alike may ask, “What is content marketing?” It is the publication of original content including blog posts, videos, and case studies in an effort to increase conversion, demonstrate expertise, and highlight any news surrounding that brand. Last year, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs published a popular study on B2B content marketing and repeated the research survey this year to see how the field is changing. They repeated this survey and below are just some of the statistics:

  • 9 out of 10 organizations market with content marketing.
  • On average, B2B marketers employ eight different content marketing tactics to achieve their goals.
  • Marketers, on average, spend over a quarter of their marketing budget on content marketing (see the full budget breakdowns in the report).

Just as they found in last year’s study, article posting and social media (excluding blogs) are the most popular tactics and are currently used by 79 percent and 74 percent of B2B marketers, respectively. Nevertheless, adoption rates increased for several methods. Blogs and videos both grew a whopping 27 percent each, followed closely by White Papers ( Authoritative reports ) which increased 19 percent.

Not only have marketers diversified their strategies, their confidence in these tactics has gained traction as well. In person Events and Seminars were highest in confidence with 78 percent and 7o percent, respectively. Marketers must also be a very convincing bunch; 60 percent of respondents said they planned to increase their budget, compared to last years 51 percent.

Even to a beginner, this much is clear, content marketing is here to stay and will continue its dominance for the foreseeable future. There is much more covered in the full report so please follow this link to check out the other insights!

Any questions or comments my fellow noobs?


Most Comprehensive Dictionary Ever!

I realized that manually typing out tons and tons of crazy jargon seemed ridiculous so I have found a link for everyone to follow!

Here it is

Trying to sit and memorize all of these words will be almost as impossible as Ethan Hunt breaking into Langley (although, to be fair, he did it) . Learning and retaining this information will come naturally from reading, writing, and tweeting about them frequently. Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to comment, email me directly, or tweet me at @kotte34723


Pinterest is all the buzz in Social Media. Good article for newbies wondering how businesses utilize this network.


On social media we share more than mere status updates. We share moments, inspirations, and passions. The new network ‘pinterest’ helps us to put pictures to these.

Even though pics usually trigger more interactions within social media than just texts they were mostly neglected so far. Pinterest is closing this gap.

Officially pinterest is still in a beta-state only accessible via invites, but with four million unique users and a traffic increase of 4000 per cent in the last six months it already is among the top 10 of the social networks.

Pinterest is fascinating because on the one hand it’s the first platform that stages pics and videos as character references. On the other hand it offers a range of options for companies to promote themselves and get some SEO done.

Above all it is refreshingly simple. You can ‘pin’ content from any side via your browser…

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First Post

WordPress has commanded I create a test post and it shall be done! My name is Kevin and I like to learn about things; important things, stupid things, all kinds of things. Lately, I have been aggressively researching any topic that has dealt with digital media. I wanted to start this blog to help others in my shoes who are just starting to traverse the world of Search Engine Marketing (or SEM as most call it). Also, and for much more selfish reasons, I need to establish myself as an authority. Eventually, it well help me prove to people in much higher positions than me that I am competent enough to help run their company. So, “what exactly will be published here?” you may ask. SEO? Link building? Social media? There are several excellent topics but for all intensive purposes I think defining some of the frequently used Jargon/Lingo will be the most useful. Look for a post in the next few days!