First Post

WordPress has commanded I create a test post and it shall be done! My name is Kevin and I like to learn about things; important things, stupid things, all kinds of things. Lately, I have been aggressively researching any topic that has dealt with digital media. I wanted to start this blog to help others in my shoes who are just starting to traverse the world of Search Engine Marketing (or SEM as most call it). Also, and for much more selfish reasons, I need to establish myself as an authority. Eventually, it well help me prove to people in much higher positions than me that I am competent enough to help run their company. So, “what exactly will be published here?” you may ask. SEO? Link building? Social media? There are several excellent topics but for all intensive purposes I think defining some of the frequently used Jargon/Lingo will be the most useful. Look for a post in the next few days!



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