Recommended Reading

Blogs and Websites worth checking out:

  • Crossing Digital Marketing Blog by iCrossing: They cover stuff from acquisition strategy and customer insight, to global marketing and online visibility, Check them out and find out the latest industry buzz.
  • Email, Search Engine, and Digital Marketing Blog by Acxiom Digital: The blog covers email, SEO and digital marketing in general.
  • Insights from the Internet Obsessed – This blog has resources for Internet marketing strategies, Web 2.0, digital marketing, search engine news, and social networking.
  • Online & Digital Marketing by Altogether: They cover search marketing, affiliate marketing, web design & development, online advertising, viral marketing and brand consultancy.
  • Marketing, Media & Trends by Greg Verdino: This author writes about marketing and “media in the Age of the Empowered Consumer.”
  • Digital Marketing Analysis by Slicecast. They cover different ways companies are implementing digital marketing.
  • ChasNote – A blog on metrics, successes & flaming disasters in digital marketing.
  • Econsultancy–  Great Beginner’s Guide (PDFs) from email marketing to web analytics

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